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ETR is clearly advocating the reduction of the costs of the public sector to a maximum of 40 percent of GDP already including state sponsored social security charges and state owned industrial acitivity.

ETR strongly hold the view that in time of global market pressure is on Europe to reduce it almost immoral taxation level. Europe can not sustain taxation levels of over 50% when the US and Japan and most other competitors have significantly lower burdens on their people and business. This has to change now.

The European Taxpayers Pledge for Legislators

The European Taxpayer Protection Pledge is the key project of Europeans for Tax Reform. 
The European Pledge* reads:
I,____________, pledge to the taxpayers of Europe and especially of the Nation of _________ and that I will:ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses and work with all my effort for the reduction of taxation levels in Europe.TWO, oppose any efforts to harmonise or coordinate taxation systems in Europe with the result of either reducing competition between member states or increasing taxation levels.__________________________Signed __________________________Date
__________________________Witness __________________________Witness

The European Tax Cutters Commandments:
v We believe in tax competition between the member states of the EU
v We believe in tax reduction in the Member States 
v We believe in simple, fair and flat taxation
v We believe in decentralisation of the taxations system
v We oppose income and personal tax increase 
v We oppose tax coordination and harmonisation in Europe
v We oppose a separate tax for the European Union
v We work to reduce double taxation where possible
v We work to reduce taxation on dividend and inheritance
v We work to reduce taxation related to salaries
v Our goal is to move taxation from income to consumption
v Our goal is to move to a de-politicised taxation system
v Our goal is to create trust and confidence in a stable taxation system
v Our goal is a society based on ownership, property and freedom 

I commit myself to achieve these aims in order to transform Europe into an enterprising continent able to create jobs, wealth and prosperity in order to enable Europeans to live their lives in freedom and release the great potential for entrepreneurship and compassion inherent in the European citizens and societies.
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