Our People 
Barbara Fiala
Principal, Prism Group
Member of the Board, Israeli-Czech Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Fiala is an international political strategist, specializing in the execution and analysis of public opinion research, the formation of election campaign strategy and its implementation. She has worked with some of the world’s top political leaders, as well as the leading professionals in the industry.

Previously, Barbara was a Partner at Greenberg, Carville, and Shrum Issues Management. In 2009, Barbara partnered up with AJF & Associates. Working alongside world-renowned campaign strategist Arthur Finkelstein, Barbara played a pivotal role in providing strategic counsel on campaign organization, strategy, and messaging to clients in multiple continents, including heads of states, party leaderships, MPs, municipal candidates, multinational organizations, and NGOs.

Barbara sits on the Israeli-Czech Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was part of a research team for Israel’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism. She holds a degree in Political Studies from the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya, Israel, and is in the process of completing her Master of International Economics at New York University.

ETR is clearly advocating the reduction of the costs of the public sector to a maximum of 40 percent of GDP already including state sponsored social security charges and state owned industrial acitivity.

ETR strongly hold the view that in time of global market pressure is on Europe to reduce it almost immoral taxation level. Europe can not sustain taxation levels of over 50% when the US and Japan and most other competitors have significantly lower burdens on their people and business. This has to change now.