Our People 
Dr. Barbara Kolm
Kolm Barbara, Mag. Dr., President of the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute in Vienna
Austria and Director of the Austrian Economics Center
Having studied business administration at the University of Innsbruck and University of California, Los Angeles she started working in her family/s firm which she left in 1994 to become an assistant professor at the Department of Tourism and Service Economics at the University of Innsbruck. In her thesis she dealt with labour market economics. At the same time she started her own business consultancy and, finally, left the University in 1997.
Having always been interested in free market and liberal ideas she accepted an invitation to direct the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute in fall 2000. She expanded the activities of the Institute and restructured them by laying emphasis on the Austrian School of Economics and providing market based solutions (education, health care, pension reform, Tax reform etc.) to a lager public. In 2006 she founded the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna, which provides enterprises with economic research and studies on up to date topics. 
Being a worldwide networker she uses these abilities to promote free market policies; in addition she is a frequent speaker on public policy related issues, especially on deregulation and competition topics, the Future of Europe and Austrian Economics on national TV, at universities and international conferences.
Barbara Kolm is an Associate Professor of Austrian Economics at the University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro and a member of the Board of Business Consultants of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, responsible for new market approaches and questions of training and a Member of the Mont Pelerin Society. She is President of the European Center for Economic Growth.
Publications include.: Austrian Economics Today II: Reforms for a Competitive Economy (Hrsg);Austrian Economics TodayIII:Innovation, Privatization and the Public Interest (Hrsg); Internationale Experten zur Osterreichischen Schule der Nationalokonomie (Hrsg); Dictionary of Economic Terms (translated into 12 languages) (Hrsg); numerous articles in international publications
Details: www.hayek-institut.at; www.austriancenter.com; www.e-growth.eu.