Our People 
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell is the McKenna Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Heritage Foundation, where he serves as the Foundationís chief expert on fiscal policy issues.
His main areas of interest include fundamental tax reform, international tax competition, and Social Security privatization. His previous experience includes serving as the co-host of a daily TV show and working on Capitol Hill. He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.

ETR is clearly advocating the reduction of the costs of the public sector to a maximum of 40 percent of GDP already including state sponsored social security charges and state owned industrial acitivity.

ETR strongly hold the view that in time of global market pressure is on Europe to reduce it almost immoral taxation level. Europe can not sustain taxation levels of over 50% when the US and Japan and most other competitors have significantly lower burdens on their people and business. This has to change now.